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We Support State & Regional Agencies

PLS helps state and regional agencies best position themselves to support teachers, students, and parents.

We are proud to form close partnerships with key education organizations. We work with state education departments to help extend their reach into districts and schools across their states. We work with university education departments to advance online and blended learning programs for the betterment of their students. And we work with foundations and education associations to enhance their effectiveness in serving educator constituencies by providing platforms, content, and strategies that expand opportunities for professional growth.


Future Ready PA Index

In 2018, The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) in collaboration with PLS 3rd Learning, launched the Future Ready PA Index, a database of information measuring student and school success. The online tool gives parents, teachers, and communities within Pennsylvania a better way to evaluate schools with a broader set of measurements that go beyond standardized test scores.

Logo of Future Ready PA Index

Standards Aligned System (SAS)

Developed in partnership with PDE, SAS is a standards-based system that delivers academic standards, assessments, and instructional content to every single school district in Pennsylvania.

Logo of Standards Aligned System (SAS)

SAS Leadership System

The SAS Leadership System provides support to educational leaders by providing access to an integrated system of professional development, experienced peers and thought leaders, high quality resources, as well as actionable data. By indicating the user’s professional interests through the completion of surveys, the system generates a personalized experience for each leader.

Logo of SAS Leadership System

PD Center

The PD Center was developed to allow educators throughout Pennsylvania to easily browse, access, and track professional development. The entire system from the registration, to the facilitated and non-facilitated PD experiences, to the tracking and monitoring of all activities, was designed in collaboration with PDE.

Logo of PD Center

Future Ready Comprehensive Planning Portal

The Future Ready Comprehensive Planning Portal houses a custom-built outcome-based comprehensive planning and school improvement process that shifts the focus from compliance to continuous improvement. This portal includes plan development and report submittal for all Local Education Agencies (LEA) and schools. It allows users to generate required plans and reports, integrates multiple types of educational data within plans, links to educational resources, and utilize best-practices to support planning, implementation, and monitoring of comprehensive and school improvement plans.

Logo of Future Ready Comprehensive Planning Portal

TEKS Resource System

Developed in partnership with Texas Curriculum Management Program Cooperative (TCMPC), the TEKS Resource System is a standards-based system that provides access to learning standards, aligned curriculum, and assessment components, as well as district customization tools for more than 4,000 schools across the state of Texas.

Logo of TEKS Resource System