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We Support School & District Leaders

PLS empowers school leaders to facilitate student achievement.

At PLS, we are committed to supporting school leaders and leadership teams by providing education, support, and technology-based tools to help them reach their goals and create better schools.



SuperEval offers reflective and evidence-based evaluations for a school district’s entire leadership team. Our online platform provides superintendents, school boards, principals/assistant principals, central office administrators, building level administrators, and support staff a means to deepen conversations which results in advancing district objectives and promoting healthy leadership teams.

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AAIE Institute

Since 2012, the AAIE Institute for International School Leadership has offered online courses for new and aspiring international school leaders. Currently, we offer seven online courses that address key issues and challenges of international school leadership. All seven of our courses are available in two convenient online formats. With our self-paced format, admissions are rolling so participants can register and get started at any point throughout the year. Our cohort-model format allows participants to move through each course with a small group of current and aspiring school leaders. Participants may choose to enroll in our certificate program, or work towards a masters or doctoral degree from Wilkes University.

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PDE Leadership Courses

With an eclectic collection of professional growth options to choose from, educational leaders can enroll in a cohort-based, hybrid learning experience. Each unique opportunity is more than just a short-term solution. Our professional growth projects drive long-term, systemic change across an entire district, school, or classroom.

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