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We Support Curriculum & Instruction

PLS builds and supports systems that advance curriculum and instruction in an effort to instill a passion for lifelong learning and continued professional growth.

PLS is dedicated to the improvement of teaching and learning in K-12 schools. Our primary focus is the development of technology-based and professional learning opportunities that promote and enhance educator effectiveness. By applying our strength in technologies, we have been able to build professional learning opportunities that deliver real results. We are solely committed to the elevation of educators using the intelligent application of information and communications technologies to do so.


Academy for Educators

The Academy for Educators delivers tools and resources to support K-12 teachers and leaders. The following platforms can stand-alone or be integrated to fit the needs of a district's goals or an individual's professional learning plan.

Through our modules and micro-credential programs, educators can enhance their skill set across multiple competencies. Our self-paced and fully-facilitated professional development is delivered online to teachers and leaders of every grade level and subject area.
Our instructional coaching platform provides instructional coaches and their supervisors a place to keep track of all of coaching activities in an organized and meaningful way. Instructional coaches can record conversations with their building principals and teachers, track coaching sessions, and view analytics and feedback. Using integrated tools, instructional coaches can also recommended instructor insights to their teachers based off of interest level and other specified criteria. Supervisors provide active and on-going support of their instructional coaches through various activities. Supervisors can easily view and reflect upon the frequency and duration of various kinds of coaching activities, track session information for all instructional coaches, view coaching session analytics and see the partnership activity between their coaches and the building principals.
Resources such as coaching strategies, podcasts, current research, and educational articles, are all searchable by topic.
Coming soon. Our curriculum design platform is standards-based and offers learning standards, curriculum management tools, and instructional resources to school districts across the country. Use this platform to create curriculum maps, unit plans, lesson plans, and assessments through an integrated set of teacher tools.
Coming soon. Our project-based learning platform allows educators to design their own project-based assessments or learning experiences, as well as access vetted and standards-aligned exemplars. Educators may create multiple products (Example: multimedia presentation, cost analysis, photo story, advertisement, informational brochure, etc.) to allow student choice and to give them the opportunity to show their learning in ways that best fits their own learning style. Rubrics for each project are customizable so that desired learning outcomes are trackable and attainable.
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NYLearns is a standards-based system that offers learning standards, curriculum management tools, and instructional resources to every school district in New York State. Additionally, NYLearns offers a complete suite of teacher tools that help teachers map curricula, build assessments, store and organize multimedia, plan lessons, participate in teaching communities, and build a class website.

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PLS Classes: Online, On-site, and Self-Paced Graduate Courses

PLS Classes offers graduate-level courses for educators through partnerships with colleges and universities. Our online, on-site, and facilitated self-paced courses are taught by experienced instructors. Participants can earn CE credit or work toward their master’s degree.

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PLS Classes partners with colleges and universities to provide courses that strengthen and support educators in order to improve the life prospects of every student.

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Steve Barkley - Professional Development

Steve Barkley is an internationally renowned educator, author, and motivational speaker. With over 35 years of experience working in classrooms, schools, and universities all over the world, Mr. Barkley tailors workshops to address the unique needs of his audience. His podcast Steve Barkley Ponders Out Loud and weekly blog offers insight on important educational topics and explores educational best practices.

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