Online Sessions with Steve Barkley Produce Quality Teacher Learning




PLS 3rd Learning is excited to announce Working and Learning Online with Steve, a new online learning opportunity from renowned education consultant Steve Barkley.

In this new online format, Steve brings over 35 years of on-site training, coaching, and consulting experiences to educators in personalized 75-90 minute coaching sessions that can be delivered to schools anywhere in the world without the hassle of travel or budgetary restrictions.

Working and Learning Online is a way for school districts to save on travel costs, but, more importantly, it facilitates shorter sessions that can be spread out throughout the year to produce quality teacher learning,” Barkley said.

In the online learning sessions, Steve will lead tailored workshops on pre-selected topics, consult with education groups to address specific goals, and observe live job-embedded activities such as leadership team meetings or PLCs to provide coaching feedback. Steve will also record webinars for missing participants or to share with new employees.

Additionally, Barkley is offering “Learn with Steve,” a special 50-minute introductory experience delivered via Skype, perfect for professional development days or faculty meetings.

Introductory experience topics include:

  • Tapping Student Effort
  • The Power of Optimism
  • Wow! Adding Pizzazz to Teaching and Learning
  • Peer Coaching for Teacher Learning

Visit to learn more about “Working and Learning Online with Steve” or to schedule a session for you or your school district.