PLS 3rd Learning Partners with Pennsylvania Principals Association to Deliver SuperEval







Pennsylvania Principals AssociationBuffalo, New York — PLS 3rd Learning is proud to partner with the Pennsylvania Principals Association to bring SuperEval to principals in Pennsylvania.

SuperEval facilitates online principal evaluations that help advance annual district goals and promotes continuous improvement and learning. Through a collaborative and evidence-based evaluation process, school leaders are able to improve communication and strengthen relationships, ultimately leading to the enhancement of education in K-12 classrooms.

Executive Director of the PA Principals Association, Paul M. Healey, Ph.D. believes that SuperEval will be a time-saving tool to assist school and district leaders in completing their annual evaluations online.

“SuperEval includes everything from goal setting to the completion of the mandated PDE evaluation form,” said Healey. “We hope that every school district takes advantage of this product which will certainly save time while capturing all of the necessary components of the evaluation process in one portal.”

“We are thrilled to partner with the Pennsylvania Principals Association in bringing SuperEval to administrators across the Commonwealth,” says Michael Horning, Jr., Executive Vice President of PLS 3rd Learning. “Our tool supports a reflective and evidence-based process using the PA framework for Leadership resulting in objective and meaningful evaluations for all administrators.”

SuperEval is available now for principal, superintendent, and central office administrator evaluations. Visit for more information.

About PLS 3rd Learning:
PLS 3rd Learning is an organization dedicated to the development and advancement of K-12 education. We are a team of educators and technology specialists who imagine, design, and deliver unique technology systems that inspire school leaders and teachers across the world.

About the Pennsylvania Principals Association:
The Pennsylvania Principals Association membership of approximately 3,800 is comprised of elementary, middle level and secondary school principals, assistant principals and other educational leaders and is affiliated with the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) and the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP).