NYLearns Adds All 2013 Common Core Standards-Aligned Assessment Questions To Its Searchable Curriculum Management System




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Update Allows New York State Teachers To Build Custom Assessments Consistent With Common Core Tests

Buffalo, New York – NYLearns, an advanced curriculum management system used by school districts across New York State, has added all 184 of the New York State Common Core Assessment questions, including all answer keys and scoring guides. Recently released by the New York State Department of Education, this addition increases the total number of past New York State exam assessment questions to over 18,000 found within NYLearns’ Assessment Builder tool.

Assessment Builder, one of NYLearns’ easy-to-use teacher tools, is the only place for New York educators to customize assessments for their students online. Each of the annotated  are contextualized and keyword searchable to find questions based on topics. Teachers can search, select, and build customized assessments using these questions from past New York State exams.

“NYLearns allows teachers to build formative assessments, prior to instruction, to assess where their students are in their level of understanding of specific skills and concepts. These customized assessments can show students the type of questions they will see on future New York State tests,” said Michael Horning, Jr., M.Ed., noted education technology expert, co-creator and President of NYLearns. “As educators ourselves, the NYLearns team understands the tremendous task ahead for teachers this school year and want to simplify as much as we can. Using technology to make this critical information easier to find and use on a day-to-day basis is part of our ongoing mission to help teachers understand and apply a standards-based approach to teaching and learning.”

In addition to building assessments searchable by specific Common Core Standard, NYLearns offers school districts across the state a centralized portal to align curriculum to the Common Core Standards, curriculum map development, unlimited cloud storage for all teacher files, individual teacher websites and much more. For more information on this subscription-based curriculum management system, contact Michael Horning, Jr. at mhorning@nylearns.org.

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NYLearns, New York State’s Curriculum Management and Standards-Based System, was incubated and researched at the University at Buffalo’s Center for Applied Technology in 2003. A featured project of PLS 3rd Learning, this education portal’s tools and resources help school districts all over New York State successfully implement a standards-based approach to teaching and learning. For more information, visit NYLearns.org.

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