PLS Classes Launches New Marketing & Registration Website






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We are pleased to announce that PLS Classes, a division of PLS 3rd Learning, launched a new website on September 28, 2022. PLS Classes provides graduate courses and professional development opportunities for K-12 educators. Graduate credit is available through our college and university partners.

The new website is easier to navigate and has a whole new look and feel. Highlights include:

  • A more intuitive “Find a Class” section and course catalog so that participants can find courses and delivery formats that meet their learning needs.
  • A more prominent college partner section to highlight the Institutions of Higher Education where participants can earn graduate credit and/or enroll in a masters program.
  • An expanded PLS Instructor bio section to shine a light on our cadre of incredible instructors who are also current or past K-12 educators.
  • A more robust teacher resources section, including free articles, printables, and website resources that our participants can use in the classroom.
  • And much more.

“The new website design takes on a brighter and sleeker look. The site is fully optimized for mobile which reduces distracting text and brings more imagery to help differentiate page content. We have slightly revamped the color scheme and fonts to evoke the feeling of calm and happiness. Our site navigation (including new mega menus) has been restructured to help users navigate the site more easily. The site features more callouts and cross references content on sub-pages to help users more easily find what they’re looking for and discover new areas within the website. Overall, the new site provides a more positive and memorable user experience that encourages site visitors and PLS Classes participants to return.”

Adam Swift – Lead UX/UI Designer

“I’m so proud of the team for making this website a reality. Collectively, we’ve spent hundreds of hours building something really unique and intuitive. Kudos to the entire team for a job well done!”

Erin Doherty – Marketing Manager

“This website redesign has been on my wish list since I started at the organization five years ago. I’m beyond thrilled that our team has developed a website that is reflective of our team’s talent and expertise.”

Jennifer Jordan – Content Marketing Manager

Overall, this project has been a labor of love and has involved every member of our PLS 3rd Learning marketing team as well as some of our talented developers. We’d like to thank everyone for their help in creating a well-designed site that not only looks great, but supports the overall experience of our participants.