PLS 3rd Learning Presents at 2016 TCMPC Conference in Texas






Each year, as part of our partnership with Texas, PLS 3rd Learning presents at the annual Texas Curriculum Management Program Cooperative (TCMPC) conference.

On the night before the conference officially begins, PLS 3rd Learning presents to the TCMPC Leadership Team and ESC staff, providing an overview of the previous year’s TEKS Resource System site usage, the updates and enhancements we’ve made throughout the year, and also gathering their feedback on enhancements that are under consideration.

At the conference, PLS 3rd Learning also leads sessions that provide overviews of teacher tools and administrative features of the TEKS Resource System. This year, there was greater emphasis on the customization features of the TEKS Resource System as well as the Assessment Creator tool, which was released in early 2016.

In both the leadership session and in our conference presentations, we gather user feedback via tools like PollEverywhere to both understand users’ needs and collect their ideas for site enhancements. We then analyze and share that feedback with the State Team, the group that drives site enhancement priorities.

PLS 3rd Learning partnered with the TCMPC in 2012 to create the TEKS Resource System, which provides a common language, structure, and process for curriculum development for Texas educators.