About Us

We Are Educators.

With decades of experience in education — from the classroom to the superintendency — and from  researchers to policy makers  — our knowledge and understanding of the educational landscape informs every decision we make.

We Are Builders.

Our state-of-the-art software engineers, designers and developers build web-based systems and professional development initiatives that serve more than two million users each year.

We Are PLS 3rd Learning.

As a team, we imagine, design, and deliver powerful and unique projects and systems that inspire and support  educators around the world.


PLS 3rd Learning (PLS) is an organization dedicated to continuous improvement in K-12 and Higher Education by combining leading-edge thinking in education with advanced information and communications technologies.  We focus on the development of web-based systems and professional learning approaches that promote and enhance educator effectiveness.  

We believe in building meaningful  partnerships.

We work closely with our partners to advance both parties’ education mission.  Our projects are custom-designed to meet the challenges, needs, and objectives of state regional and local education agencies.

Our Vision

To improve the life prospects of every learner by bringing innovation support to educators and education agencies.

Our Mission

To design, build, implement, and support projects and initiatives that advance educator effectiveness and impact.  

Why PLS?

Over the years, we built a team consisting of experienced educators, highly skilled software engineers, creative designers, and dedicated developers who bring laser-like focus to the creation of systems and approaches that advance education.  Our strength and experience in systems development coupled with our background as educators result in building professional learning opportunities that deliver real results — and advances education around the globe.